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Required Equipment Checklist

  PWC Boat Less Than 16 Ft. Boat 16 Ft. To Less Than 26 Ft.
Boating Education Certificate 1 1 1
Certificate of Number On Board
Validation Decals Displayed
PFDs: Type I, II, III or V 2 3 3
PFD: Type IV    
Ignition Safety Switch 4    
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher
Backfire Flame Arrestor 5 5
Ventilation System
Horn, Whistle, or Bell
Daytime Visual Distress Signals     6
Nighttime Visual Distress Signals 7 6 6
Navigation Lights 7

  1. Applicable if operator is born after June 30, 1980. See who may operate a vessel.
  2. Those on PWCs must wear a Type I, II, or III PFD at all times.
  3. Those 12 years old and younger must wear a PFD at all times when underway in a vessel less than 26 ft. in length.
  4. When boating on Mississippi marine waters south of Interstate Highway 10 (I-10).
  5. Required on inboard and stern drives only.
  6. When boating on federally controlled waters.
  7. It is strongly recommended that PWCs are not operated after dark. However, if a PWC is operated at night, it has the same requirements for visual distress signals and navigation lights as a boat less than 16 feet long.
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