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Texas Required Equipment Checklist

  PWC Boat Less Than 16 Ft. Boat 16 Ft. To Less Than 26 Ft.
Boater Education Certification Card and Photographic Identification On Board 1 1 1
Certificate of Number On Board
Validation Decals Displayed
PFDs: Type I, II, III, or V 2 3 3
PFD: Type IV    
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher
Ignition Safety Switch    
Backfire Flame Arrestor 4 4
Ventilation System
Horn, Whistle, or Bell
Daytime Visual Distress Signals     5
Nighttime Visual Distress Signals 6 5 5
Navigation Lights 6

  1. Applicable if operator is under 18 years of age. See Who May Operate a Vessel.
  2. Those on PWCs must wear a personal flotation device (life jacket) at all times.
  3. Those under the age of 13 must wear a PFD at all times while underway.
  4. Required on boats with inboard engines or stern drives.
  5. Required when boating on federally controlled waters.
  6. Certain items are not applicable to PWCs because they are not allowed to operate between sunset and sunrise.
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