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It's the Law

Discharge of Oil and Other Hazardous Substances

It is illegal to discharge oil or hazardous substances.

  • You must dispose of oil waste in an approved oil waste container.
  • Use bilge absorbents (bilge pillows) in the bilge area to absorb any oil or fuel, preventing it from being pumped back into the water. Secure the bilge pillow to avoid interference with the bilge pump and blower system.
  • Refueling on the water or the shoreline is strongly discouraged because any spillage into the water or within 100 feet of the shoreline is a criminal violation. Petroleum spills can easily be seen on the surface of the water if a "rainbow sheen" can be observed while refueling.
If your vessel discharges oil or hazardous substances into the water:
  • Call the National Response Center at 1-800-424-8802.
  • Also report the discharge to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality at 1-800-234-5677.