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PWC riding too close to a boat

Improper Speed or Distance is not maintaining a proper speed or distance while operating a motorboat. Specifically, it is illegal to operate a motorboat:

  • In a manner or at a speed that exceeds the safe and reasonable limits under existing circumstances
  • At greater than “slow, no wake speed” in any posted “no wake” zone
  • At a rate of speed that creates a hazardous wash or wake on approaching or passing vessels; for example, a wake that causes other vessels to take on water or a wake sufficient to toss the occupants of other vessels about in a manner that causes injury or the risk of injury
  • At greater than “no wake speed” within 100 feet of a designated recreation area, dock, pier, raft, float, anchored vessel, dam, intake structure, or other obstruction unless a different speed limit has been established in the area