How to get a fishing license

Fishing License Kid

Looking to cast your fishing rods this summer? Well, you might not be able to without a license! The requirements for obtaining a fishing license vary by state, with each agency setting its own rules and regulations.

For example, in Texas, residents and non-residents under the age of 17 are exempt from buying a license, but in Alabama the minimum age required for a license is 16. In Montana, most anglers actually need two licenses: a Conservation License and a Fishing License. Be sure to check with your state agency for more information about license requirements.

How do I get a fishing license?

Fishing licenses are available for purchase online through each state agency’s website. Take Me Fishing is a great resource to use when looking to purchase licenses online.

How much do fishing licenses cost?

Fishing licenses are generally low cost (under $50) and sometimes, depending on where or when you fish, you can cast a line for free!

When do fishing licenses expire?

There are many different types of Fishing Licenses. Some last for a year, some a day, and some for a lifetime. Choose the right license that matches your lifestyle. If you’re just testing out the waters and fishing for fun, maybe try a day pass. If you’re an avid angler, you may want a lifetime pass. So really, its expiration date is up to you!

If being able to legally fish isn’t reason enough to purchase a fishing license, the money you spend on the license goes toward conservation efforts. You get to have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and save the planet! Well, maybe that’s an overstatement, but you are helping fund fishing education and habitat protection!

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