Go fish! 4 reasons why you should go fishing today

When’s the last time you went fishing? If it’s been a while, or if you never have, consider these four reasons why you should cast your line today!

Fishing boosts your mood

Stressed? Jump on a boat and cast a line! There’s nothing like hitting the pause button on your hectic life and relaxing in the great outdoors. And, according to research done by the University of Kansas, spending time in nature can boost your creativity. So if you’re feeling a bit uninspired, just pack up your rod and reel and take a trip to the lake!

You can spend quality, uninterrupted time with loved ones

Fishing is a great way to get your kids (or even your significant other) to step away from their computer screens, and spend quality time together. As the saying goes: “kids won’t remember their best day of television,” but they will remember reeling in that huge bass!

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You’re funding conservation efforts

Did you know that just by purchasing a fishing license, you’re helping to fund conservation programs? If clean water, clean air, and preservation of natural habitats sounds good to you, then do your part and go fishing!

You’ll have plenty of fresh, wild fish!

I know what you’re thinking. Why fish when you can buy salmon and tilapia at your local grocery store? Well, for starters, wild-caught salmon has less calories and fat than its farm raised counterparts. It also has more omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower your risk of heart disease! Plus it’s fun!

Now that you’ve decided to go fishing, you’ll need your boater education card if you’re planning on casting a line from a boat! Sign up for free and pay only when you pass at Boat Ed!

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  1. It’s good to know that fishing can help you relax in the great outdoors. I’ve been really busy with work, and my brother would like to take me fly fishing. I’ll be sure to look further into my options for going with him to destress after work.

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