It’s Shark Week!: 4 reasons why sharks are a pretty big deal

In case you don’t already know — it’s Shark Week! What does that mean? Well, for the 28th year in a row the Discovery Channel is hoping you’ll stay out of the water and stay on your couch, glued to your TV. With millions of people tuning in to watch both educational documentaries and silly romps like “Shark After Dark,” there must be a reason that the oceanic predators are so intriguing, right?

Want to know why sharks are such a big deal? We can tell you a thing or two!

They’re old-timers


Sharks have been around for almost 450 million years, outliving other sea-dwelling species and surviving five mass extinctions. They’ve even outlived dinosaurs!

They’re pretty toothy


On average, sharks have about 15 rows of teeth. Whenever they lose a tooth, another one slides up from the row behind it taking the lost one’s place. Kind of like a conveyor belt!

No two sharks are the same


With almost 400 species of sharks, it’s safe to say no two sharks are the same. Besides varying in color, shape and size, sharks can even vary in the way they give birth. Some sharks give birth to live pups, some produce eggs that hatch internally, and others release eggs that hatch later.

They’re massive


The whale shark is the biggest fish in the world and can grow to be 40 feet in length or more! Lucky for us, they prefer eating plankton. Phew!

Will you be tuning into Shark Week? Do you have any other shark facts to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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