Texas adds fishing to state constitution

Texas Supports Anglers with New Law

Congratulations to Texas, which just officially enshrined hunting and fishing in the state constitution with the passage of Proposition 6 in yesterday’s election! Texans have always valued their rights to fish and hunt. This change to the state constitution makes that a permanent part of Texas law. “To me, it is a better guarantee; [hunting, fishing, and the taking of[…]

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Fishing Reel

Go fish! 4 reasons why you should go fishing today

When’s the last time you went fishing? If it’s been a while, or if you never have, consider these four reasons why you should cast your line today! Fishing boosts your mood Stressed? Jump on a boat and cast a line! There’s nothing like hitting the pause button on your hectic life and relaxing in the great outdoors. And, according[…]

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fishing license kid

How to get a fishing license

Looking to cast your fishing rods this summer? Well, you might not be able to without a license! The requirements for obtaining a fishing license vary by state, with each agency setting its own rules and regulations. For example, in Texas, residents and non-residents under the age of 17 are exempt from buying a license, but in Alabama the minimum[…]

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5 kinds of boating knots graphic

Fit to Be Tied: 5 Essential Knots for Boaters

Although there seems to be an endless selection of boating knots out there, most boaters can get by with just the basics. Listed below are five basic boating knots you should know. Find out what their uses are—and, most importantly, how to tie them—then grab some rope or a shoestring and practice on your own! Bowline If there’s one knot[…]

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