young girl wearing a life jacket

“I Float!”: Boat Ed Partners With The LV Project

Still from “I Float!” PSA By now most people know the importance of wearing a properly fitted, USCG-approved lifejacket while boating. However, year after year hundreds of people tragically lose their lives on the water while not wearing a lifejacket. Why is that? Well, there’s definitely a stigma associated with wearing lifejackets, especially among teens and adults who feel like[…]

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man wearing a life jacket

Lifesaving Style: Which Life Jacket Do You Need?

Thinking of going out on the water without a life jacket? Think again! Life jackets (also known as Personal Floatation Devices–PFDs) can literally be the difference between life and death. Don’t believe me? Well maybe you’ll believe the U.S. Coast Guard, which reported that in 2019 86% of boaters who drowned weren’t wearing life jackets. Plus, it’s a legal requirement[…]

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16 Father’s Day Gifts for Boat Owners

Did you know that it took 63 years for Father’s Day to be official? Congress believed it would become commercialized. However, thanks to the persistence of many people including Presidents Wilson, Coolidge, Johnson, and Nixon, the third Sunday in June is Father’s Day. And, sure, maybe it’s a little commercialized – but our dads deserve a little compensation for their[…]

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