katie and jessie holding flags

Best Friends Set Sail on Incredible Journey

In September 2012, best friends Katie Smith and Jessie Zevalkink left their hometown of Northport, Michigan, on their newly spruced-up boat, Louise. Accompanied only by Katie’s dog, Reggie, the duo traveled to the Bahamas via the Great Loop — 5,000 to 7,500 miles of inland rivers and waterways looping around the eastern half of the U.S. With minimal sailing experience,[…]

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man wearing a life jacket

Lifesaving Style: Which Life Jacket Do You Need?

Thinking of going out on the water without a life jacket? Think again! Life jackets (also known as Personal Floatation Devices–PFDs) can literally be the difference between life and death. Don’t believe me? Well maybe you’ll believe the U.S. Coast Guard, which reported that in 2019 86% of boaters who drowned weren’t wearing life jackets. Plus, it’s a legal requirement[…]

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2013 Paddlesport participant snippet

Accidents and Facts: A Closer Look at Paddlesports

Rebecca Collier was a veteran paddlesports enthusiast. She spent so much of her time on the water that her father used to call her his “little mermaid” when she was growing up. On all accounts, she was a professional at getting in and out of the water with ease. Growing up outside of Kalamazoo, Michigan, there was never a question[…]

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Yamaha boat

10 Common Boating Questions and the Answers

Knowing everything about boating can take decades of firsthand experience. Even with a boater’s education course, there’s so much that you can, and will, learn by actually practicing what you’ve been taught. Weave taken a look at some of the most common boating questions and provided quick answers you can use as a reference. 1. Is a teenager allowed to[…]

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The 6 Seconds Before a Boating Accident

Have you ever made a mistake and then thought about the decisions leading up to it? It’s almost like you’re going through a movie frame by frame – dissecting how you could have done something differently.   After a boating accident, participants, spectators and investigators all wonder how it could have been prevented. Even though you cannot recover the lost seconds,[…]

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