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Backfire flame control devices are designed to prevent open flame from leaving the carburetion system in the event of a backfire. Vessels equipped with gasoline engines, except outboard motors, must have one of the following backfire flame control devices installed on the engine. These can be:

  • USCG–approved backfire flame arrestor, suitably secured to the air intake with a flame-tight connection.
  • Backfire flame arrestor marked “SAE-1928” or “UL 1111” and suitably secured to the air intake with a flame-tight connection.
  • Approved engine air and fuel induction system that provides adequate protection from propagation of backfire flame to the atmosphere, equivalent to that provided by an acceptable backfire flame arrestor.
  • Flame-tight metallic carburetor air intake attachment, located or positioned so backfire flames would be dispersed to the atmosphere outside the vessel.

Note: This last device listed must be acceptable to the USCG and designed so that flames will not endanger the vessel, people on board, or nearby vessels and structures.

Backfire flame arrestor