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Hypothermia occurs when your body loses heat faster than it can produce it, causing your core body temperature to fall. Hypothermia is often induced by cold, wet conditions, such as immersion in water.

  • Prevention of Hypothermia
    Hypothermia can be prevented by:
    • Wearing an approved lifejacket or PFD and layered clothing for insulation
    • Avoiding potentially dangerous weather conditions
    • Taking all measures necessary to avoid capsizing your boat or falling into cold water in the first place
    • Drying out as quickly as possible when you get wet
  • Symptoms of Hypothermia (listed here in order of severity)
    1. Shivering, slurred speech, blurred vision
    2. Bluish lips and fingernails
    3. Loss of feeling in extremities
    4. Cold, bluish skin
    5. Confusion
    6. Dizziness
    7. Rigidity in extremities
    8. Unconsciousness
    9. Coma
    10. Death