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A Message for Delaware Boaters

Now!  Delaware boaters have two ways to become certified in boating safety. By becoming certified you will have a safer, more enjoyable experience on the water and you can save money on boat insurance.

1. In a Classroom...

Share the learning experience with other interested students and a qualified instructor Delaware Division of Fish and Wildlife Enforcement can help you find a classroom course in your area.

Call 302-739-9915 for more information or visit

2. Over the Internet...

Learn what you need to be a safe boat operator online! The complete course with exciting visuals awaits you on the Net. Interactive graphics help you learn and retain information on boating safely in Delaware. Successfully complete the online test and you will receive a State of Delaware boating safety certificate by mail.

Start today at

Marine Emergencies
1-800-523-3336 or 302-739-4580
Office of the Chief
Sgt. John McDerby
Office of Boating Education
Vicki Rhodes
Boat Registration
Enforcement County Field Offices
New Castle Co. 302-836-4682
Kent Co. 302-739-6139
Sussex Co. 302-855-1901