Boating Basics

VHF Radio

You should always monitor weather developments. One way is to tune a VHF radio to the frequencies listed below. A VHF radio is also useful if you need to summon help due to a boating emergency.

VHF Frequencies Broadcasting NOAA Weather Reports
162.400 MHz 162.425 MHz 162.450 MHz 162.475 MHz
162.500 MHz 162.525 MHz 162.550 MHz  

Recreational Boaters are given access to these VHF channels:

Channel 6

Intership safety communications only.

Channel 9

Communications between vessels (commercial and recreational) and ship to coast.

Channel 13

Strictly for navigation purposes by vessels at bridges, locks, and harbors.

Channel 16

Distress and safety calls to USCG and others, and to initiate calls to other vessels.

Channel 22

USCG broadcasts of severe weather warnings and other safety warnings.

Channels 24-28

Public telephone calls (to marine operator).

Channels 68, 69, and 71

Recreational vessel radio channels and ship to coast.

Use Channel 16 for distress and safety calls to the U.S. Coast Guard and others.