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Boating Basics

Although a personal watercraft (PWC) is considered an inboard vessel and comes under the same rules and requirements of any other vessel, there are specific considerations for the PWC operator.

Fueling a PWC…Safely!

There are additional considerations when fueling a PWC. Spilled or leaked fuel can ignite and explode, especially in an enclosed space. Here are some safety procedures for PWC operators to follow.

Avoid spills when fueling in or near the water.

Do not tip the PWC in order to fill it all the way up. If the tank is overfilled, the fuel may expand and spill into the water.

After fueling, open the door of the engine compartment and sniff to check for any evidence of gas fumes. Do this before starting the engine. If you do smell gas fumes, determine the source and make repairs immediately.

Gasoline vapors are combustable. Be safe and check your engine compartment for fumes after fueling.