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It's the Law


Idaho State Parks and Recreation

The boating laws of Idaho are enforced primarily by sheriffs and deputy sheriffs of the county having jurisdiction over the waterway. All Idaho peace officers have the authority to stop and board vessels in order to check for compliance with federal and state laws.

The U.S. Coast Guard has enforcement authority on federally controlled waters. Visit the IDPR website at or call the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation headquarters at 208-334-4199 for the list of federally controlled waters in Idaho.

Written reports of accidents involving only property damage must be made within 10 days of the accident. However, you must file an accident report within 48 hours in cases involving a death, disappearance, or injury.

Idaho State Parks and Recreation Safety Inspection sticker

Courtesy Vessel Inspection

Idaho boat enforcement officers will perform a courtesy safety check of your vessel and equipment free of charge. You can contact your County Sheriff to arrange for a safety check. If your vessel meets all state requirements, you will receive an Idaho inspection sticker.