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It's the Law

Obstructing Navigation

It is illegal to:

  • Operate any vessel in such a way that it will interfere unnecessarily with the safe navigation of other vessels.
  • Anchor a vessel in the traveled portion of a river or channel in a way that will prevent or interfere with any other vessel passing through the same area.
  • Moor or attach a vessel to a buoy (other than a mooring buoy), beacon, light, or any other navigational aid placed on public waters by proper authorities.
    Boat anchored to mooring buoy.
  • Move, displace, tamper with, damage, or destroy any navigational aid.
  • Obstruct a pier, wharf, boat ramp, or access to any facility.
  • Fail to obey the navigation rules found in "Encountering Other Vessels" and "Navigation Rules."
  • Fish or sunbathe on docks where vessels are being launched or are otherwise in use by boaters.

If you are operating a power-driven vessel in narrow channels or on fairways of the Western Rivers and are heading upstream (against the direction of the current), all vessels coming toward you from the opposite direction have the right-of-way and you must give way as necessary to permit safe passing.