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Motor Regulations for Lakes

A vessel equipped with any size motor may be operated only at “a speed not greater than 5 mph” on artificial lakes that are under the custody of the Department of Natural Resources and are more than 100 acres in size. Lakes included in the regulation are:

Lake County
*Special regulations exist.
Ahquabi Warren
Anita Cass
Badger Creek Madison
Big Creek Polk
Brushy Creek Webster
Darling Washington
Geode Henry
Green Valley* Union
Hawthorn Mahaska
Icaria* Adams
Little River Decatur
Lost Grove Scott
Miami Monroe
Pleasant Creek Linn
Prairie Rose Shelby
Rock Creek Jasper
Sugema Van Buren
Swan Carroll
Three Mile* Union
Twelve Mile Union
Union Grove Tama
Viking Montgomery
Volga Fayette
Wapello Davis
West Clarke

On artificial lakes less than 100 acres in size, only a powerboat equipped with one or more outboard battery-operated electric trolling motors is allowed. There is no motor restriction on natural lakes or federal reservoirs.

Other lakes managed by counties and municipalities also have regulations. Always check local regulations. Please note that:

  • On Lake Macbride, Johnson County, a boat with a motor exceeding 10 horsepower may be used from the day after Labor Day to the Thursday prior to Memorial Day weekend inclusively and operated at “a speed not greater than 5 miles per hour.”
  • Only motors of 100 horsepower or less may be used on Loch Ayr, Ringgold County.

Motors of any horsepower operated at “a speed not greater than 5 miles per hour” only are allowed on the following lakes:

Lake County
Beaver Lake Dallas
Beeds Lake Franklin
Black Hawk Pit Sac
Crawford Creek Lake Ida
Deer Creek Lake Plymouth
Fogle Lake Ringgold
George Wyth Lake Black Hawk
Lake Iowa Iowa
Lake of Three Fires Taylor
Meadow Lake Adair
Otter Creek Lake Tama
Silver Lake Delaware
Thayer Lake Union
Williamson Pond Lucas