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Boating Basics

Courtesy When Encountering Other Vessels

Jumping the wake of a passing vessel, or riding too close to another vessel, creates risks and is prohibited in Massachusetts. Visibility around the vessel making the wake may be blocked, both for the PWC operator and for approaching vessels.

Excessive noise from PWC often makes them unwelcome.

  • Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore, which increase annoying noise levels.
  • Avoid making excessive noise near residential and camping areas, particularly early in the morning. Excessive use in one area can be an irritant to people who are there to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time.
  • Avoid maneuvers that cause the engine exhaust to lift out of the water because that increases noise levels.
  • Do not modify your engine exhaust system if it increases the noise. Improperly modified exhausts will not make your PWC faster and may raise the noise to an illegal level.