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Boaters’ Telephone Directory

Massachusetts Environmental Police

Central Headquarters, Boston 617-626-1650
Radio Communications, Boston 1-800-632-8075
Boat & RV Safety Bureau 508-564-4961
Registration & Titling Bureau, Boston 617-626-1610
Coastal Enforcement HQ, Bedford 508-992-8321
Inland Enforcement HQ, Westboro 508-366-6537
Environmental Crimes Bureau 617-727-2200
Marine Theft Bureau 617-626-1666

Department of Fish and Game

Department of Fish and Game 617-626-1500
Public Access Board 617-727-1843
Division of Marine Fisheries 617-626-1520
Division of Fisheries & Wildlife 508-389-6300

Other Agencies

United States Coast Guard
 Vessel Documentation Center 1-800-799-8362
 Oil Spill Hotline 1-800-424-8802
National Safe Boating Council 703-361-4294
National Weather Service 508-822-0634
MA Department of Revenue 1-800-392-6089
MA Department of Environmental Protection 1-888-304-1133
MA Coastal Zone Management (Pump-Out Stations) 617-626-1200