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Safety Inspections

Missouri State Highway Patrol state inspection sticker

The Missouri State Highway Patrol inspects thousands of vessels annually. A safety inspection determines that equipment complies with state law.

A safety inspection involves the following:

  • The certificate of number (registration card) for the vessel is checked to determine if the registration is current.
  • The registration number display is checked to determine if number spacing, height, block style, and contrasting color requirements are correct.
  • Personal flotation devices are checked for accessibility, serviceability, proper size, quantity, and type.
  • Sound-producing devices are checked for operability. Bells are checked for vessels 40 feet and over in length.
  • Fire extinguishers are checked for proper type, size, and adequate charge.
  • Ventilation systems are checked for functional operation.
  • Mufflers are checked to determine compliance with sound level requirements, when applicable.
  • When marine toilets are on board, they are inspected for proper storage of waste materials.
  • Outboard motors are checked for the registration decal and motor serial number.
  • Navigation lights are checked to make sure the colored lenses are in the correct positions. Navigation lights are not required to pass a safety inspection, unless you intend to operate your vessel after sunset.

Upon successful completion of a safety inspection, the vessel owner is awarded a safety inspection decal that signifies compliance with Missouri boating equipment requirements. This decal is affixed by the Highway Patrol trooper immediately behind the registration number display on the port (left) side of the vessel.