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It's the Law

Obstructing or Impeding Navigation

It is illegal to:

  • Anchor a vessel in the traveled portion of a river or channel that will prevent or interfere with any other vessel passing through the same area.
  • Moor or attach a vessel to a buoy (other than a mooring buoy), beacon, light, or any other navigational aid placed on public waters by proper authorities.
  • Move, displace, tamper with, damage, or destroy any navigational aid.
  • Obstruct a pier, wharf, boat ramp, or access to any facility.
  • Mark or obstruct the water of this state in any manner so as to endanger the operation of watercraft or conflict with the marking system prescribed by the MSHP.
  • Operate or otherwise position a vessel, other object, or any person in such a manner so as to obstruct or impede the normal flow of traffic on the lakes of this state.