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It's the Law

Reporting an Emergency

In case of an emergency, call the Missouri State Highway Patrol. If you are reporting an accident, make a mental checklist of all information prior to placing the call for help.

Describe your emergency to the dispatcher.

As requested, provide the dispatcher with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The location of the accident
  • The kind of help you need (towing, medical help, etc.)
  • The nearest location to send an ambulance
  • The name of the vessel operator and any other persons involved in the accident (if known)
  • A description of the vessel(s) involved with registration number(s)

If you are calling from a cell phone, give the dispatcher the cell phone number. It may be necessary for the dispatcher to contact you for more information prior to an officer’s arrival.

When you are talking to the dispatcher, try to remain calm so that important information is not overlooked. If certain information is omitted, it could take longer than necessary for an officer to respond to your location. Your patience and cooperation are important for fast, efficient results.

For emergencies, call:

1-800-525-5555 or *55 cellular