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Equipment Required by Missouri State Law

  PWC Boat Less
Than 16 Feet
Boat 16 Feet 
or Longer
Certificate of Number on Board
Validation Decal Displayed
Boating Safety Identification Card
and Photo I.D.
✓(1) ✓(1) ✓(1)
PFDs: Type I, II, III, or V ✓(2) ✓(3) ✓(3)
PFD: Type IV    
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher ✓(4)
Engine Cut-Off Switch    
Ventilation System
Horn, Whistle, or Bell    
Skier-Down Flag   ✓(5) ✓(5)
Navigation Lights
  1. All persons born after January 1, 1984, who operate any vessel on the lakes of the state. This includes non-residents of Missouri.
  2. Those on PWC must wear a PFD at all times.
  3. Children under the age of seven years must wear a PFD at all times unless confined in a fully enclosed area.
  4. Two Type B-I fire extinguishers or one Type B-II fire extinguisher is required for vessels 26 feet in length or longer (see "Fire Extinguisher Requirements" for vessels longer than 40 feet and/or with a fixed system).
  5. Required for display whenever an occupant of the motorboat enters the water if on waters of the Mississippi River, the Missouri River, or Missouri lakes between the hours of 11 a.m. and sunset.