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Video Transcript

All right, we’re not here to scare anybody, but there are a lot of things that you should never, ever do while you’re out here on the lake. Not only because they’re dangerous, but they’re also illegal. So we have Trooper Mueller here to help explain what some of those things are.

Trooper Mueller

Some things you should keep in mind would be to never ride on the gunwale or the side of the boat any time the boat’s underway. You also want to pay attention to all the buoys that are out on the lake. They’re there for your safety, whether it be a no wake buoy, or a danger buoy, or a boats keep out buoy.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the boat’s capacity plate, and make sure that you’re not exceeding the number of people or amount of weight that the boat’s safely able to carry. If you’re a skier, you’re also not allowed to operate in a close vicinity to other boats, people, or skiers or tubers in the area.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is to not boat while intoxicated. It can be just as dangerous on the water as it is in a car. It’s also illegal to chase or harass wildlife while out on the water.


So a lot of this is common sense, but what would you define as reckless behavior?

Trooper Mueller

Reckless or negligent behavior out on the water would be defined as not using the highest degree of care while out on the water for your passengers or other people in the area where you’re boating. One thing to keep in mind to stay safe on the water would be to use common sense. Don’t ride on the side of the boat while underway, don’t do anything that would be considered careless or dangerous, and respect other boaters in the area.


And obviously these are all laws to make sure people stay safe on the water so that everybody can have a good time and be safe. Awesome. Thank you.