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Boating Basics

PWC and “Ski Craft” Courtesy and Environmental Considerations

  • Do not jump the wake of a passing vessel, or ride too close to another vessel, because this creates special risks and is a common complaint about PWC and “ski craft” operators. These operations are also illegal.
  • Vary your operating area, and avoid repetitious operation.
  • Avoid congregating with other PWC and “ski craft” operators near shore as this increases noise levels.
  • Avoid making excessive noise near residential and camping areas, particularly early in the morning.
  • Avoid maneuvers that cause the engine exhaust to lift out of the water because that increases noise levels.
  • Do not operate a PWC or “ski craft” in shallow water.
  • Avoid creating a wake, which can cause erosion when operating near shore or in narrow streams or rivers.
  • Do not dock or beach your PWC or “ski craft” in reeds and grasses. This could damage fragile environments.
  • Take extra care when fueling your PWC or “ski craft” in or near the water. Fuel on land if possible.