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It's the Law

Discharge of Sewage and Waste

All waters in New Hampshire are “No Discharge Areas.” It is illegal to discharge sewage—treated or untreated—into the water. If on inland waters, a vessel must have a holding tank with no through-hull discharge option.

If you have a recreational vessel with installed toilet facilities, it must have an operable marine sanitation device (MSD) on board. All installed devices must be USCG–certified.

Types of MSDs

Types I and II MSDs treat waste with special chemicals to kill bacteria before discharge. Types I and II MSDs with Y valves must be secured or have the handle removed so that the valve cannot be opened. Type I and II MSDs are allowed only on marine waters.

Type III MSDs provide no treatment and are either holding tanks or portable toilets. Collected waste must be disposed of in an onshore or mobile pump-out. A Type III is the only type of MSD allowed on inland waters.