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It's the Law

Sharing Your “Ski Craft” or PWC

You should always make sure that anyone operating your “ski craft” or PWC understands their responsibilities as an operator. Let them know that they have the same responsibilities as any other vessel operator.

Before allowing anyone to operate your “ski craft” or PWC:

  • Make sure they meet the age and education requirements for operation.
  • Make sure they know basic boating safety information and navigation rules.
  • Show new operators how to start and reboard the PWC while on shore or in shallow water.
  • Explain how to steer and control the PWC. Tell all new operators and remind experienced operators that most PWC require power for steering control.
  • Make sure that the operator understands how to use the engine cut-off switch and attaches the lanyard to his or her person or life jacket before starting the engine.
  • Explain how to recognize a “slow, no wake” speed marker and what to do when approaching one.
PWC Instruction
Before you share your PWC make sure that others you allow to operate it understand their responsibilities as an operator.