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It's the Law

Specifically for Boaters Who Tow

Requirement Vessel Towing Skiers Vessel Towing Tubers
Must wear a Type I, II, or III life jacket Yes Yes
Maximum number of persons that can be towed at the same time No more than two, without a permit Up to six
Number of observers needed in addition to the operator. (Observers must be a minimum of 13 years old and physically able to observe and assist the person (s) being towed.) One Towing less than three: one observer needed.
Towing three or more: two observers needed.
Hours of Operation Sunrise to Sunset Sunrise to Sunset
Operator of the vessel and person (s) being towed responsible for following all navigation and boating laws and rules. Yes Yes
For the purposes of towing a tuber, “inflatable tube” means an inflatable device manufactured and designed for the specific purpose of towing persons behind a motorboat. Such device shall be manufactured with a point of attachment for a tow line, in addition to any safety handles, ropes, or lines for each person being towed.