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Here are some specific MSD requirements for New York.

  • Any land-locked lake located completely within the borders of New York or State Canals: No discharge of any sewage is permitted. All marine sewage must be kept on board the vessel in a Type III MSD and pumped ashore at a marine pump-out facility.
  • The waters of Canandiagua Lake, Skaneateles Lake, Greenwood (Orange County) Lake, or Lake George: Any vessel equipped with a toilet, sink, tub, etc. which results in the drainage of any waste water whatsoever must have all such material drain into a holding tank. The holding tank must be drained ashore at a marine pump-out facility. Any overboard lines from such systems must also be either sealed or removed.
  • Lake Champlain, Lake Ontario, Long Island Sound, the south shore of Long Island, Hudson River, or Lake Erie: Boaters may not discharge sewage at all. All vessels must have their MSDs inoperable as well as all overboard lines disconnected and removed. Sewage may only be kept on board in an approved Type III device, for later transfer to a marine pump-out facility. The “Y” valve or any overboard lines must be disconnected and removed.

Pump-Out Station Sign

Pump-Out Station sign
Signs like these are posted at pump-out stations in New York.