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  • Except for persons legally engaged in hunting, no person shall:
    • Discharge a firearm while in or on a vessel.
    • Transport or have a loaded firearm in a vessel in such a manner that the firearm is accessible to the operator or any passenger.
  • No person shall transport or have a firearm in a vessel, unless:
    • The firearm is unloaded and carried in a closed package, box, or case or ...
    • The firearm is in plain sight with the action open or the weapon stripped.
  • This section does not apply to the possession or discharge of a U.S. Coast Guard–approved distress signaling device (VDS) when the device is possessed or used for the purpose of giving a distress signal. Such signaling devices shall only be loaded immediately prior to discharging a legal signal of distress.
  • No person shall operate or permit operation of a vessel in violation of this section.