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Popularity of Fishing

Fishing is the most popular activity among boaters. Anglers using vessels can be at risk. Unfortunately, anglers capsizing or falling overboard are common fatal boating accidents.

Anglers Who Use Vessels to Fish
Fishing boat with anglers

Anglers who use vessels to fish need to think of themselves first as vessel operators. If you fish and boat, you should:

  • Know and follow all safe boating laws and requirements.
  • Pay attention to the capacity plate and not overload your vessel.
  • Wear a life jacket (PFD) especially when the water is cold or when fishing alone or in remote areas. (A PFD is required in most competitive fishing tournaments.)
  • Recycle or toss used fishing line into receptacles on shore and not into the water or onto shorelines. Fishing line is not biodegradable and is dangerous to wildlife and propellers.
  • Take care of your fishing boat just like you do your fishing equipment.
Boating in the Vicinity of Anglers

Vessel operators who are boating in the vicinity of fishing boats should:

  • Slow down when approaching fishing boats or give them a wide berth.
  • Never run over anglers' lines. Be aware anglers may have lines out to the sides of their boats or trolling behind them.
  • Never disturb fishing boats by making a large wake. An angler at anchor could be swamped by another vessel's cruising wake.
Preventing Ill Feelings

If ill feelings between user groups become widespread, managing agencies may be forced to deal with the issue by closing down boating opportunities or by posting specific times for separate user groups. The best way to ensure better boating opportunities is for every boater to be courteous and responsible.