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When in the Water ...

When in the water, the skier should:

  • Wear a PFD. You never know when a fall will knock you unconscious.
  • Learn to use hand signals.
  • Never ski under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is illegal and extremely dangerous because of the damage to your judgment and reflexes.
  • Never spray swimmers, vessels, or other skiers. Such activity is illegal, dangerous, and discourteous.
  • Never wrap any part of the tow rope around your body.
  • Always hold a ski up out of the water after falling or after dropping the rope so that the boat operator and other vessels can see you.
  • Never approach the back of the boat unless the engine has been shut off. Otherwise, you could be seriously injured by the boat's propeller.
Hand Signals for Skiers
Hand Signal-Skier OK
Skier OK
Hand Signal-Skier Down
Skier down—watch!
Hand Signal-Stop
Hand Signal-Speed Up
Speed up
Hand Signal-Slow Down
Slow down
Hand Signal-Speed OK
Speed OK
Hand Signal-Turn Left
Turn left
Hand Signal-Turn Right
Turn right