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It's the Law

Speed Regulations

Failure to regulate speed is defined as operating a boat or PWC at speeds that may cause danger, injury, damage, or unnecessary inconvenience.

You may not operate a boat or PWC in excess of “idle speed” within 50 feet of:

  • A moored or anchored boat
  • A wharf, pier, or dock
  • A person in the water

Operating in excess of “idle speed” within 100 yards of the Atlantic coastline is prohibited.

You must maintain “idle speed” when in the vicinity of a boat flashing a blue light.

Vessel operators are responsible for any damage caused by their wake.

“Idle Speed” or “No Wake, Idle Speed”

When you see buoys or signs with these words, they indicate a restricted boating area established to protect the safety of the public and property. In these areas, a vessel cannot proceed at a speed greater than that speed necessary to maintain steering.