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Contact Information for South Carolina Boaters

Call 1-800-678-7227 to:
Subscribe to South Carolina Wildlife. Hailed by many as THE state magazine, South Carolina Wildlife chronicles the people, places, and outdoor recreation opportunities of the Palmetto State through award-winning outdoor features and spectacular color photos!

Call 803-734-0166 to:
Contact the SC Dept. of Parks, Recreation and Tourism. Find out information about and location of state parks. Or check out the website at

Call 803-734-3833 to:
Locate public boat ramps. Find out where you can launch your vessel.
Reach the Fishing Information Hotline. Hear current fishing reports for major inland reservoirs and coastal marine waters. Or locate the nearest public landings, point of license sales, etc.

Call 843-953-9062 to:
Find pump-out station locations. Locate the closest pump-out and dump stations.

Call 843-953-9300 to:
Contact the Marine Resources Division to locate coastal fishing piers, public landings, marinas, and bridge areas. Find out where you can fish or launch your boat on the South Carolina coast.
Obtain saltwater fish records, regulations, and applications to report potential records. All tackle records are kept for most marine sportfish.
Obtain SC Governor’s Cup Billfishing Series information. Help encourage the conservation of billfish through tag and release.
Find out about opportunities for saltwater anglers to tag fish. Awards are given annually for achievement in several categories of the Master Anglers Program.

Call 803-734-3891 to:
Obtain freshwater fish records, regulations, and applications to report potential records. All tackle records are kept for game fish.

Call 843-953-9302 to:
Obtain permits to hold tournaments, races, or regattas. Arrange for permits needed to hold marine events.
Get your free float plan form. Use this form to let others know where you are boating and when you plan to return.

Call 803-734-3857 (Columbia) or 843-953-9301 (Charleston) to:
Obtain boat titling and registration information and forms from DNR Titling & Registration. Vessel registration and boat and motor titling services are available through DNR offices in Columbia and Charleston. Renewals also can be accomplished at DNR offices in Clemson, and Florence.

Report stolen vessels or outboard motors. Or call your local sheriff’s department or police agency.

Call 1-800-277-4301 to:
Contact the DNR to stay up to date on new boating laws. Keep current on new boating laws.

Call 1-800-922-5431 to:
Contact Operation Game Thief to report violations of wildlife, boating, or litter laws. You can help the department protect South Carolina’s natural resources!

Call 1-800-922-5431 to:
Report distressed or stranded animals along the SC coast. Report whales or other marine mammals that are in distress or dead.