Tennessee's Required Equipment Checklist

PWC Boat Less Than 16' Boat 16' to Less Than 26'
Certificate of Number On Board ✔ 1 ✔ 1
Registration Number Displayed ✔ 1 ✔ 1
Validation Decals Displayed ✔ 1 ✔ 1
Wearable PFDs (Type I, II, or III) ✔ 2 ✔ 3,4 ✔ 3,4
Throwable PFD (Type IV)
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher
Backfire Flame Arrestor ✔ 5 ✔ 5
Ventilation System
Sound Signaling Ability
Daytime Visual Distress Signals     ✔ 6
Nighttime Visual Distress Signals 7 ✔ 6 ✔ 6
Navigation Lights 7

  1. Not required for vessels propelled only by paddles or oars.
  2. Each person on board a PWC must wear a PFD (life jacket) at all times.
  3. Children 12 years of age and younger must wear a USCG–approved life jacket at all times while on the open deck of a recreational vessel that is not anchored, moored, or aground.
  4. Each person on board vessels being operated within specifically marked areas below dams must wear a PFD at all times.
  5. Required on boats with inboard engines or stern drives.
  6. Required when boating on federally controlled waters.
  7. Certain items do not apply to PWCs because they are not allowed to operate between sunset and sunrise.