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Boating Basics

Preventing Theft

Defend against theft of your vessel and equipment.

Store your vessel so that it is not easily accessed.

  • Store your vessel and trailer in a locked garage or storage area.
  • Park another vehicle in front of the trailer, or lock the trailer to a fixed object in a well-lit area.
  • Secure the vessel and trailer to a fixed object with a good-quality chain and lock. If moored, secure the vessel to the dock with a steel cable and lock.
  • Remove a trailer wheel if parked for an extended time.
  • Purchase a quality trailer hitch lock and use it.

Chain and lock the motor and fuel tanks to the vessel.

Mark or engrave all equipment with an identifier such as your driver's license number.

Photograph or videotape the interior and exterior of your vessel, showing all installed equipment and additional gear and equipment. Make a complete inventory of your equipment, vessel, and trailer.

Remove expensive electronics or other valuables if the vessel is left unattended.

Cover your vessel and always remove the keys.

Title and register your vessel.