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It's the Law

Invasive Species

Protect the lakes you love. Stop invasive species.

Our lakes, rivers, and bays are under attack from destructive invasive species such as giant salvinia, water hyacinth, and zebra mussels. These invaders harm native plants and animals; cost Texas taxpayers millions of dollars; and hurt fishing, swimming, and boating. Invasive species spread across Texas by hitching a ride on boats.

Do your part to protect Texas–Clean, drain, and dry!

  • CLEAN: Before leaving the ramp, do a “walk around” inspection. Remove any plants, mussels, and other debris from the boat, trailer, and gear.
  • DRAIN: Drain your boat, motor, bait buckets, and other water-retaining compartments. Keep your drain plug out until you get home.
  • DRY: Let boat dry for a week or more before visiting another lake. Leave all compartments open and gear out to air dry. If you aren't able to dry it this long, then wash everything thoroughly.

It is illegal to transport invasive species or to leave a public water body without draining all water and removing all harmful plants and animals from your boat and trailer. Failure to comply with laws results in a first-offense Class C misdemeanor with a fine of up to $500.

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