Boating Basics

PWC Courtesy and Environmental Considerations

Avoid jumping the wake of a passing boat, or riding too close to another PWC or boat, which creates risks and is restricted or even prohibited in some states.

Vary your operating area, and do not keep repeating the same maneuver.

Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore, which increases annoying noise levels.

Avoid making excessive noise near residential and camping areas, particularly early in the morning.

Avoid maneuvers that cause the engine exhaust to lift out of the water because that increases noise levels.

Do not operate a PWC in water less than 30 inches deep.

Avoid causing erosion by operating at slow speed and by not creating a wake when operating near shore or in narrow streams or rivers.

Do not dock or beach your PWC in reeds and grasses. This could damage fragile environments.

Take extra care when fueling your PWC in or near the water. Fuel on land if possible.

Be a courteous PWC operator.