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Diving is a popular sport, and divers can be found in areas shared with recreational boaters. As diving's popularity increases, it becomes more important for both boaters and divers to take special precautions.

As a boat operator, you should:

  • Be able to recognize a diver-down flag, a red flag with a white diagonal stripe, floating in the area of the divers.
  • Stay the legal distance away from a diver-down flag. Do not drive your boat between a diver-down flag and a nearby shore.
  • Watch out for divers surfacing when you see a diver-down flag. Bubbles may indicate that a diver is below.

For their own safety, divers should:

  • Always display the diver-down flag and stay close to the flag.
  • Use a stable boat that is suited for diving and anchor the boat securely.
  • Avoid overloading the boat with people, equipment, or supplies.
  • Never dive or snorkel alone.
Scuba Diver
Both divers and boat operators need to be aware of laws that affect this popular water sport.