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Washington Boating Safety Education

Boater education is now required by law!

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  1. In a classroom
    Share the learning experience with other interested students and a qualified instructor.
  2. Over the Internet*
    Learn what you need to be a safe boater online! Get more information about approved courses by contacting the Washington State Parks Boating Programs office.
  3. Equivalency exam
    Experienced boaters who have a good working knowledge of the U.S. Coast Guard's navigation rules and Washington's boating laws and regulations may wish to take the equivalency exam to demonstrate their competence in place of taking a course. Call 360-902-8555 for more information.

To learn more about the boater education law, who is exempt from the education requirement, which courses are approved, and the equivalency exam, contact the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission by:

* For boaters who have limited access to classroom and internet course options, Washington offers a correspondence course. Contact the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission at 360-902-8555 to request a free copy of the Adventures in Boating course manual and certification exam.