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Washington State Parks Moorage Permits

Moorage Permit Fees

For moorage information, including times and current fees, visit

More About Moorage Permits

A vessel rafted to another vessel will be charged a moorage fee based on its own length.

The annual moorage permit decal must be affixed to the vessel so that it is visible from outside the vessel. For vessels with windshields, placement should be in the lower left corner of the windshield. For vessels without windshields, placement should be on the left outside transom. For sailboats, placement should be on the forward part of the left cabin trunk.

The annual moorage permit is for overnight mooring at a state park facility (dock or buoy) and is separate from the launch fee.

Rules and Regulations at Mooring Facilities

For the protection of all boaters and to ensure maximum use of the facilities, those using mooring facilities must follow these rules.

Overnight boaters must self-register and pay the fees where posted.

Facility use is first come, first served.

Leaving a dinghy at a buoy or dock does not reserve a moorage space.

Annual permits must be displayed as directed.

Moorage at a facility is limited to three (3) consecutive nights unless otherwise noted.

Rafting is permitted within posted limits. A vessel rafted to another vessel will be charged a moorage fee based on its own length.

Open flames, live coals, and combustibles must be placed on a fireproof base, away from fuel tanks and vents.

Commercial vessels are restricted to loading and unloading passengers transported for recreational purposes.

Pets must be kept on leashes and under physical control at all times. Dispose of animal waste properly.

How to Purchase a Mooring Permit

Daily moorage permits are available for purchase at parks with docks, floats, or buoys. Annual moorage permits may be purchased online at or at the following locations:

  • Northwest Region Headquarters,
    220 North Walnut St.,
    Burlington, WA 98233
  • Washington State Parks Headquarters,
    P.O. Box 42650, 1111 Israel Road SW,
    Tumwater, WA 98504-2650
  • Marine parks when staff is available

Annual moorage permits also may be purchased by sending a completed application to Washington State Parks Headquarters. Applications are available online.

For more information, call the State Parks Information Center at 360-902-8555.