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Wisconsin law states that the following dangerous operating practices are illegal.

Negligent or Reckless Operation of a vessel or the reckless manipulation of water skis, a surfboard, or a similar device is operating in a manner that causes danger to the life, limb, or property of any person. Examples of negligent or reckless operation are:

  • Jumping a wake with a motorized vessel within 100 feet of another vessel
  • Jumping the wake of any vessel that is towing a person on water skis, inner tube, wakeboard, or other similar device
  • Operating a vessel within any area marked off or set aside as a prohibited area or a swim area
  • Weaving your vessel through congested waterway traffic
  • Operating a vessel in a manner that creates hazardous wave or wake conditions while approaching or passing another vessel
  • Steering toward another object or person in the water and swerving at the last possible moment in order to avoid collision
  • Chasing, harassing, or disturbing wildlife with your vessel
PWC passing too close to another vessel
As an owner of a vessel, you are responsible for any injury or damage caused by the reckless or negligent operation of others you allow to use your vessel.