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Boat-ed Reviews

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Great company! The units and topics are broken down effectively. Take good notes and you'll learn a lot!

Very easy to comprehend and learn. Made it easy to do and go through the courses. Thank You.

This was a very informative course with easy-to-learn instructions, videos, and animations for whatever topic you are on. A lot of the information provided is easy to recall in memory as well!

User friendly. The course material was easy to understand and follow. Animations and review questions were great/helpful. Test covered all material. Thanks.

Thanks so much! As a side note, I really enjoyed the course and like how I can refresh my memory from time to time since I'm only a once a year boater. I plan on recommending this course to others.

The combination of reading, animations and live action videos delivered the information and material very well. The quizzes were sensible and the final exam took less than a half hour to complete. The whole course seems closer to 4 hours fyi. Plan accordingly.

I've had a Coast Guard Boating Certification for 20 plus years. I decided to take this Boat Rental course .....The Information communicated here may have been more comprehensive than the original course I took. Definitely prepares you.

Liked it a lot and honestly it was a lot less than expected and made it easy for me by giving me detailed studying.