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Washington Required Equipment Checklist

PWC Boats Less Than 16' Boats 16' to Less Than 26' Boats 26' to Less Than 40' Boats 40' to Less Than 65' Human Powered:
Any Length
Class A Class 1 Class 2 Class 3
Vessel Registration on Board 6 no
Registration Decals Displayed 6 no
Registration Numbers Displayed 6 7 7 no
Boater Education Card (Power-driven boats over 15 hp) 9 no
PFD: Type I, II, III, or V (one per person) 1 2 2
PFD: Type IV no no no
Type B-I Fire Extinguisher (Power-driven boats only) 8 8 no
Engine Cut-Off Switch no no no no no
Backfire Flame Arrestor 3 no
Ventilation System no
Muffler no
Horn, Whistle, or Bell
Skier-Down Flag 4 no
Daytime VDSs 10 no 16' and over
Nighttime VDSs 10 n/a
Navigation Lights 5 n/a at least one lantern or flashlight
CO Warning Sticker no no

✔ = required by state
no = not required by state
n/a = not applicable

  1. Those on PWC must wear a wearable PFD at all times.
  2. Children 12 years and younger are required to wear USCG–approved wearable PFDs in Washington state on boats shorter than 19 feet whenever the vessel is underway or when they are on an open deck or open cockpit on any waters of the state.
  3. Required on all gasoline engines except outboard engines.
  4. Required to be carried on board when towing person(s) on water skis or similar devices and displayed whenever the towed person(s) is preparing to ski or has fallen into the water.
  5. Vessels must display the proper navigation lights between the hours of sunset and sunrise and during periods of restricted visibility such as fog or heavy rain.
  6. Applies to all motorboats and all sailboat 16 feet in length or longer with the exception of a motorboat less than 16 feet in length with a motor of 10 horsepower or less and used on non-federal waters only.
  7. State registration numbers are not displayed on boats documented with USCG under the Federal Registration System, but display of valid registration decals is required.
  8. Boats 26 feet up to 40 feet long must carry two B-I or one B-II; boats 40 feet up to 65 feet long must carry three B-I or one B-II and one B-I.
  9. See Boater Education Card Requirements.
  10. VDSs are required on coastal waters, the Strait of Juan de Fuca east to Puget Sound, and the Puget Sound/San Juan Island area (except as noted in Visual Distress Signals).