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  • Excessive noise from PWC often makes them unwelcome with other boat operators, as well as with people on shore. Here are some tips on how you can be a courteous PWC operator.
    • Vary your operating area, and do not keep repeating the same maneuver.
    • Avoid congregating with other PWC operators near shore, which increases annoying noise levels.
    • Avoid making excessive noise near residential and camping areas. Excessive use in one area can be an irritant to people who are there to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time.
    • Avoid maneuvers that cause the engine exhaust to lift out of the water because that increases noise levels.
    • Do not modify your engine exhaust system if it increases the noise. Improperly modified exhausts will not make your PWC faster and may raise the noise to an illegal level.
  • Share the waterways responsibly with other boaters, fishermen, swimmers, surfers, or skiers. Respect their right to use the waterways safely and enjoyably.
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