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Lookout person

A collision occurs when your boat or PWC collides with another vessel or with a fixed or floating object, such as a rock, log, bridge, or dock. Collisions can cause very serious damage, injury, or even death. It is every vessel operator’s responsibility to avoid a collision.

To prevent a collision, boat and PWC operators should:

  • Follow the rules of navigation.
  • Pay attention to navigational aids.
  • Keep a sharp watch and appoint one person to be the “lookout.”
  • Maintain a safe speed, especially in congested traffic and at night.
  • Look in all directions before making any turn.
  • Use caution if you are traveling directly into the sun’s glare on the water.
  • Never operate when fatigued, stressed, or consuming alcohol.
  • Be aware that floating debris is more common after heavy rainfall.
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