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Boater checking oil levels

Engine maintenance is important. Follow a regular maintenance program.

  • Keep your engine clean and tuned properly. Refer to your owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule.
  • Check the oil and fluid levels before every outing. Change the oil according to the owner’s manual. As the engine ages, increase the frequency of oil changes. Clean oil extends engine life.
  • Tighten battery connections. Clean battery terminals by disconnecting the terminals and removing corrosion with a wire brush. If the battery is weak when you start the engine, recharge it.
  • Inspect the engine for anything that shows signs of wear or requires tightening, such as hoses, belts, and bolts. Make sure everything is fitted properly, including the engine cover.
  • Never use automotive electrical parts. Use marine parts only. Use of automotive parts rather than sealed marine parts (such as alternators, starters, fuel pumps, and other electrical parts) could cause a spark that could ignite a fire.
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