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Boat creating a wake

New York law prohibits reckless operation of a vessel. The following are some examples of reckless operation.

Failure to Regulate Speed is going faster than is reasonable and prudent under the conditions (vessel traffic, weather, closeness to shore, etc.) or not having regard for actual or potential hazards. Some examples are:

  • Operating at an excessive speed in the vicinity of other vessels or in dangerous waters
  • Operating at greater than “slow, no wake speed” in any posted “no wake” zone
  • Operating at greater than the posted speed limit on any body of water
  • Operating at a speed that causes damage from the wake of your vessel

Improper Distance is operating a vessel at greater than 5 mph when operating within 100 feet of:

  • The shore
  • A dock or pier
  • A raft or float
  • An anchored or moored vessel
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