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It is illegal for a vessel with a permanently installed marine toilet to operate or moor for more than 30 days on state waters unless such vessel prominently displays a valid “no discharge certification” decal.

  • There are two possible decals. One decal indicates that the boat owner or operator has taken the steps necessary to prevent the discharge of sewage into state waters. The other decal shows that the boat has no marine toilet or no through-hull fitting that would allow sewage to be discharged overboard.
  • The decal is valid for four years and may be obtained from any certification agent upon inspection and testing of toilets, MSDs, and related plumbing on the boat.
  • Vessels carrying a valid USCG certificate of inspection are exempt.
  • Failure to display a decal may result in a fine of up to $100.
  • For a list of authorized MSD certification agents, visit the DEM website.
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